Soul Strength Seminars
Come claim these gifts
  • Living life with more energy and greater inner peace
  • Eliminating old behaviors and toxic feelings that keep you stuck in unproductive patterns
  • Being in alignment with your essential nature
  • Learning how to clarify the purpose and meaning of your life
  • Attaining more consciousness and a greater congruence between your inner and outer life
  • Becoming who you were born to be


Shulamit Sofia’s new book

is a soul guide to building spiritual muscle, for gaining benefit and meaning for your life, as well as giving you tools for coping with life's unending challenges.  Learn to cope with the increasing tensions of contracting economies and growing political unrest by focusing your attention on your inner riches.  Gain a new point of view, develop skills and techniques for living a more satisfying life.
Carefully designed anecdotes, exercises and meditations provide readily applicable techniques for implementing and integrating the book’s concepts.
Feedback from Soul Strength Seminar attendees:
"After attending Shulamit Sofia's workshop, I felt relaxed and focused on where my soul is at this time in my life.  She is calming and you can tell she sincerely wants you to feel better in mind/body/spirit!  Her ladder approach to reaching our higher self, plus some grounding tools of breathing, yoga and meditation enhanced the whole experience."
"Your steps up the ladder to a higher self is a helpful tool for being present with true feelings and for recognizing our judgements, actions, thoughts etc.  It was such a good practice to wit with what came up."
"The seminar was great and I will definitely come to more.  Being there opened up my mind and heart.  I felt great and awakened after it was over!"



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Shulamit Sofia of Soul Strength Seminars

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