Shulamit Sofia created Soul Strength Seminars to share what she has learned on her life journey of seven decades that could be of use to others of all denominations and religions.  Although based in Kabbalah, the mystical branch of Judaism, her perspective is universal and shared by all who love God and care about humanity.
Shulamit Sofia MSW is the President of Soul Strength Seminars and The Sacred Ladder, which she founded to give spiritual seekers a practical way to build spiritual muscle for coping with life’s challenging circumstances. Her Psycho-Spiritual method based on the Kaballah allows participants to shed emotional and mental baggage as they build soul strength.

The metaphor is to climb the sacred ladder between Heaven and Earth in order to achieve a broader vision, a more profound sense of meaning and a stronger connection to Divine Energy. Shulamit Sophia has inspired people in all major religions in a variety of faith-based and secular settings, working with meditation, art, yoga and the Law of Attraction.

In addition to being an artist, college professor, therapist and writer, Shulamit Sofia was Founder and President of Caring for Children, an international non-profit that has helped hundreds of thousands of abused and traumatized children around the world. With the gift of the Teddy Bear, a therapeutic tool known as a transitional object, and staff training, Shulamit Sofia has helped provide solace to and elevate the souls of sad, lonely and frightened children in more than twenty countries.  The same soul strengthening and solacing principles underlying her decades-long work with children are now incorporated in the work of Soul Strength Seminars.

An international speaker who has presented at the World Mental Health Forum, The Humanistic Psychology Association, as well as The Child Welfare League and other conferences around the United States, Shulamit Sofia is also the author of a series of training manuals for professionals, paraprofessionals and parents, “Psalms for a Sunny Day,” and the soon-to-be published “Climbing the Sacred Ladder: The Path to Love, Joy, Peace and Purpose.”

Shulamit Sofia MSW
Personal Spiritual Counseling 

Life is a journey we all travel. And we all hit many bumps along the way. It is important to develop a repertoire of spiritual skills to deal with life’s unrelenting challenges. Maybe you have experienced external changes such as illness, loss or gain of a job, the loss of a loved one or the start of a serious relationship. Sometimes changes in lifestyle are required. Other times fine tuning your current situation is sufficient. Our goal is to obtain, regain and maintain equilibrium and equanimity. If you or someone you know would like to live a more satisfying, productive and meaningful life, soul strength spiritual counseling will help you or your loved one move towards that goal.

Programs for Groups and Associations

Soul Strength Seminars and Speaking Services offers a variety of programs including lectures, workshops, small seminars and keynote speeches that address the important issues of spiritual growth and developing inner resources. In a safe and supportive environment, group members have an opportunity to learn greater coping skills, how to eliminate toxic influences and how to establish more peace in our lives and harmony in our relationships. Topics include: New Perspectives on Old Situations, The Challenges of Forgiveness, and Building Soul Strength in Times of Fear.

Shulamit Sofia has created Soul Strength Seminars to share what she has learned with others of all denominations and religions.

Although based in Judaism, our perspective is universal and blesses all who love God and care about humanity.

Soul is what gives meaning, value, flavor, texture, and color to your life.