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Do You Know Who You Are and Who You Are Not?

posted Apr 8, 2014, 9:11 AM by Shulamit Sofia   [ updated May 9, 2014, 9:39 AM ]

Most of us do not really know who we are –a spark of divine energy. Do you realize that you were born to have your unique expression be a contribution to the world? Most of us think we are our labels, our gender, race, ethnicity, religion or our roles, parent, worker, son or daughter, spouse. Think kind of thinking only derails our relationship with our beautiful soul and its unlimited possibilities.

Some of us allow ourselves to be defined though the eyes and reactions of others. Our identity, self-esteem, self-worth then rests on the opinions of others. This is an intrinsic part of the human journey. A child learns who he or she is from the mirror of the mother’s face reflecting back her attitudes and judgments rather that the pure soul her child is. If this reflection is positive the child incorporates good feelings and thoughts about self. However, if unfortunately the reflection is negative the child believes what he or she sees and feels and incorporates, sad thoughts or feelings about their denigrated self image and believe that is who they are.

It is our task to recover our inner knowing of our true magnificence so that we “know” what is our birthright despite a material world that values possessions over people and money over meaning. When we have the willingness to confront our ingrained beliefs, our emotional pain, and our entrenched patterns of behavior, we are free to participate in life in a new way from a new perspective.

Then we can break away from self-imposed barriers and live our lives to the fullest.

Establishing Your Center

posted Dec 18, 2012, 4:04 PM by ad min

The essential task of spirituality is quite simple and yet very difficult, and that is to establish your Center, the central core within your very Being and to maintain it regardless of the winds of change and distractions, which pull you away from yourself. Your goal is to stay centered within yourself no matter what is happening around you, what enticements there are in the world that will pull you away from yourself, so that regardless of external events you are able to stay centered. This does not mean being stationary although it does mean being Still. You can carry your center with you wherever you go and you can replenish the strength of your center by giving yourself quiet time and time to contemplate the parade that life unfolds before you. The point is not to be swayed from yourself by the desires and manipulations of others nor to be buffeted by the vagaries of the world.


Seeking external stimulation, validation and experiences is the direct opposite of a spiritual life where the focus is inward to the soul not outward to society. Directing your attention within and noticing what is happening there takes practice for compared to the drama of the external world what occurs on the inner plane is far more subtle than the smallest outer occurrence.


You can begin to center by setting an intention to do so. Intentions are powerful as we will soon discuss and begin to open the way to their expression once they are articulated. Next, it is necessary to provide the environment where you have the time, space and quiet to begin to establish a felt sense that you can return to when you feel the need to regain your center. The first physical step after setting your intention is to sit on a straight-backed chair in a quiet room. Once you are more skilled in this practice you could stand or sit anywhere in the midst of a whirlwind and maintain your center. But in the beginning it is important to make things as easy for yourself as possible so we begin with not external stimulation or distraction in a position that makes you aware of your body. Body awareness is an important part of centering yourself and later developing a greater level of mindfulness.


Begin by sitting with good posture in a quiet room. Place both feet flat on the floor and rest your hands in your lap with your palms facing upwards.


Scan your body starting with your scalp going down your face with special attention to your jaw. Then scan your neck, can you feel if it is positioned straight under your head or at an angle. How tight is your neck? Most people are constricted in their neck and shoulders, which inhibits the flow of energy through your body. Are there tense places in your back?

Direct your attention to these tight places and direct your breath into them so they can relax. Purposefully tense your shoulders and then drop them. Repeat this several times. Then direct your attention to your arms, your wrists and your fingers. Rotate your wrists in both directions and spread your fingers. Continue back to the shoulder blades and rotate your shoulders back to contract them and then relax to release them. Continue down your spine till you feel your sit bones making a hard contact with the chair. Do they feel even? If not adjust them.

Then continue down your legs, your knees, ankles and toes. Bend your knees, rotate your ankles and spread your toes. All of these movements release tension. Do not rush this process as you are establishing a template you can refer when you lose your sense of self, your sense of being centered.

This experience will give you a felt sense, a sense in your body of how it feels to be relaxed.

Once you complete this process and over time it can become rapid with familiarity, you can direct you mind to be aware of inner activity. What are you aware of now that the large sensations have dissolved. What thoughts come to mind to be considered or dismissed? Eventually you will be free of thoughts or body sensations, you will just be. That’s when you know you are centered. That is the experience to which you will want to return as often as possible.

Be patient with yourself. This is a journey that takes time and repetition. Like riding a bike, however, once you achieve the balance point it it is with you forever.


THE JOURNEY BEGINS: Shulamit Sofia’s Blog

posted Oct 19, 2009, 10:41 PM by Web Master   [ updated Nov 19, 2012, 1:55 PM by ad min ]

As you begin your journey to reconnect with your inner being, your soul you will automatically begin slowing down, decreasing activities and taking time for meditation and introspection as a daily ritual. This is because you need not to be absorbed in activity. Rather, it is necessary to have quiet, time and space on a regular basis in order to ascend spiritually.

Since you are beginning to explore your inner world it is best to start with meditation. This gives you time to consider who and how you are in the world. As you sit quietly, can communicate with yourself by asking yourself some of the following questions and others that come to you as you begin the process. Are you being authentic? Do you express your inner essence in your outer interactions with the world? As you begin the process you will begin to know yourself and make the necessary adjustments.

The story of your spiritual evolution is very different from a chronological accounting of where you went to school and what you do for a living. It is not about what you have done or acquired. Conventional markers that describe social roles say nothing about who you really are.

This is a discovery process that leads you to get to know yourself on a deeper level and become more of who you always were and were meant to be. As you continue this journey you will uncover the layers that have covered your inner light --that light that shines within each and every one of us. You will learn techniques and tools to make your light shine bright.

Then you can take your light into the world and illuminate it for others.


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As you learn to move into the light you will begin to experience challenges. As you begin to make progress, countervailing forces of unconsciousness, anger, resentment and other negative emotions emerge from darkness to hold you back. They are the work of your ego, which is threatened by the changes you are making. Yet the more you stay centered in your positive emotions, the more your light shines and the more your light shines, the more the darkness is illuminated.

As you keep growing towards more light, despite the challenges, momentum keeps moving you forward. The more you continue in that direction the more you will grow stronger and find ways that will support you in your journey, Eventually you will reach a place beyond your comfort zone. New insights and unfamiliar feelings emerge as your world expands. It takes courage to change your ways and grow to a new level of being. In the process you will find your center. Only then can you detach yourself from the drama and view the world as an observer. No longer will you be buffeted by the actions and reactions of others. You will be able to observe and you will be free.

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