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Shulamit Sofia’s new book is a soul guide to building spiritual muscle, for gaining benefit and meaning for your life, as well as giving you tools for coping with life's unending challenges.  Learn to cope with the increasing tensions of contracting economies and growing political unrest by focusing your attention on your inner riches.  Gain a new point of view, develop skills and techniques for living a more satisfying life.

Carefully designed anecdotes, exercises and meditations provide readily applicable techniques for implementing and integrating the book’s concepts.

Here's what others have to say about this book:

“I love your book so very much. I can’t stop reading it. It has become such a spiritual learning and upliftment. I go to it whenever I have a moment.”

—Hana Matt Spiritual Director, Faculty, Graduate Theological Union

“I highly recommend Climbing the Sacred Ladder as the remedy for the endemic alienation from the sacred in our society. This book will help you reconnect with your soul and add meaning to your life.”

—Barbara Stanny Author of Prince Charming Isn’t Coming, Secrets of Six-Figure Women, and Overcoming Underearning

“This book offers wisdom, wit, and inspiration for your life’s journey. You’ll feel uplifted, and yes, strengthened!”

—Brenda Wade, PhD Co-host Healing Quest, PBS Television

“Shulamit Sofia, in using the four world schema of the Kabbalah, has offered a very practical and effective way to gain soul strength. If you work with it, it works for you.”

—Reb Zalman Schachter-Shalomi Founder of Aleph and Spiritual Leader of the Jewish Renewal Movement; author of numerous books including From Aging to Saging and Davening

“Climbing the Sacred Ladder is a comprehensive, wise, and useful manual for personal spiritual growth. Shulamit Sofia draws on Neo-Kabbalistic and contemporary esoteric traditions for expanding consciousness. She adds to this, her own extensive knowledge of psychotherapy, and serves us an imaginative and practical manual for our own evolution. This is a lush and creative contribution.”

––Rabbi Lawrence Kushner The Emanu-El Scholar, Congregation Emanu-El, San Francisco, California; author of a score of books on Jewish spirituality and Kabbalah.

“This book is a road-map, a guide to inner and outer voyages of transformation. It itself is a pilgrimage . . . a GPS for the soul.”

—Dr. Ibrahim Abdurrahmani Provost and Professor of Cultural Studies and Islamic Studies, Starr King College at the Graduate Theological Union

“Shulamit Sofia has written a valuable book that teaches the reader how to develop the all important spiritual skills for living a more meaningful life. By providing a step by step guide for building spiritual muscle and stable inner resources, Climbing the Sacred Ladder, leads the reader to greater productivity, prosperity and inner peace.”

—Rabbi Stephen Fisdel The Center for Jewish Mystical Studies