We are each of us more special and more precious that we can ever imagine. Yet we rarely claim our magnificence. Instead, often we discount our greatness and the wonderful gifts of the universe and focus on lack. Our inner strength and the appreciation of all we receive is what deserves our attention, for what we pay attention to expands. Therefore, we need to think only of the best in our lives and remember always what makes us joyful.

Life is to be lived as deeply and fully as possible. It is important not to let our internal blocks and external obstacles stop us in our God-given right to the pursuit of happiness. It is our greatest responsibility to be true to ourselves, for only then can we be true to others, and become what we were born to be. When we are able to clear away the debris that gets in the way — childhood conditioning, cultural imprints, family and religious values that speak more of our society’s material emphasis than of inner richness — our soul can shine.

Each of us was born for greatness and each of us can contribute our light to dispel the darkness of a world in turmoil. We can do this in the most simple ways: a smile that brightens someone’s life, an encouraging word that enables someone to go forward, a hug to a child that carries with it the message of love. Every action makes a difference and contributes to either the negative side of life’s balance or the positive side. It is our choice.

When we strive to be our very best, we can elevate the planet to a level beyond war, competition and greed. We do this by surrendering our Ego, our need to be right and make the other person wrong. We also do it by resisting falling into despair regardless of circumstances and by remembering we are truly not alone. Therefore instead of being consumed with fear we are able to begin to recognize our many strengths, talents and achievements.

Painting of Mountains by Shulamit Sofia of Soul Strength Seminars

Ladder Painting by Shulamit Sofia of Soul Strength Seminars

Standing together from such a place we can raise the vibration of the planet. We each have a part to play and as we make more and more of a contribution, the contagious energy attracts more and more people to join in our quest to make a difference in the world and in our lives.

When we reach critical mass the world can shift. This is our opportunity and our life’s work: to become more mindful, more conscious, and more aware of who we are and the enormous value of the gifts we bring to the game of life.