Shulamit Sofia MSW created Soul Strength Seminars as a resource for people with spiritual concerns. She developed easy yet effective ways to build inner potency in all dimensions of life: Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual.

The purpose of Soul Strength Seminars is to provide a safe environment and support while dealing with personal issues. Soul Strength Seminars, though rooted in the Jewish Mysticism of Kabbalah, derives from Universal Wisdom. Although based in Judaism, our perspective encompasses all who believe in God’s glory and care about humanity.

We offer a variety of ways to strengthen your spiritual core. Just as Pilates strengthens your physical core and allows your body to have more strength in other areas not seemingly connected to the abdominal core, so developing a strong spiritual core enables you to maintain your equilibrium and develop equanimity regardless of circumstances. When you can hold your center without being buffeted by the dramas of daily life — difficult circumstances including illness, family issues, loss, contracting economies and political uncertainty — you can live your life freely from the inside out.

Out of our work together you will learn to:
  • dance with the music of life instead of trying to orchestrate it
  • enrich your life by more than money
  • enjoy more satisfaction in all areas of your life
  • have a greater understanding of yourself, others and life itself
  • replace what isn’t working in your life with what does
  • have more peace of mind
  • live a life of meaning and purpose
Sharing Soul Strength with
Marianne Williamson
Marianne Williamson and Shulamit Sofia

Shulamit Sofia, MSW, has developed
a repertoire of soul strengthening techniques that include:
  • personal prayer
  • group prayer
  • journaling
  • sacred dialogue
  • text study
  • yoga
  • meditation

Soul Strength Seminars at Temple Emanuel
Soul Strength Seminars participants

Soul Strength Seminars Shulamit Sofia Art

New Skills
Results you will acquire include:
  • building spiritual muscle based on your unique needs
  • learning to reframe issues of concerns so new solutions become possible
  • reduce tension and release stress
  • reduce righteousness and the need to control the uncontrollable
  • listening deeply and coming to more clarity

Practice Points
  • exploring personal patterns
  • identifying blocks that leave you stuck
  • releasing toxic emotions
  • changing outmoded thought patterns

  • journaling
  • sacred dialogue
  • guided meditation
  • group discussion
  • contemplation
  • sitting meditation
  • specially designed exercises and activities
  • You may choose to attend a seminar, workshop or individual counseling described on the about us page.
  • individual spiritual counseling
  • seminars that meet more than once in a small group setting
  • workshops that run one day or half day incorporating movement such as Yoga, Tai Chi
  • speaker services including talks to small groups, lectures to large groups and Key Note Speeches