“Shulamit Sofia had been determined and focused on her spiritual growth for most of her life and now uses that knowledge and
energy to benefit others.”

—Rabbi Steven Fisdel, Center for Jewish Mystical Studies


“Shulamit Sofia is a seasoned seeker and devotee steeped in studies of psychology, mysticism in general and Kabbalistic thought in particular.”

—Zalman Schachter-Shalomi 


“Shulamit Sofia is a passionate and thoughtful speaker who combines mystical Jewish traditions with contemporary metaphysical and psychological concepts. She adds another level of texture to the evolving conversation about Spirituality in the new millennium. She is a wonderful ally to have along the journey to Oneness.”

—Rev. Perry Lang

Your classes were so well received and everyone loved your spiritual calmness.”

—Frana Price, Director Adult Education, Temple Emanuel
(largest synagogue in Northern California)

“It was totally empowering to learn how to reframe a thought by looking at it from a different perspective which in turn can reframe or change your life.”


“Shulamit Sofia shares her spiritual wisdom with skill, heart, and professionalism.” 

—Rev. Drew Vogt, Celebrate Life Spiritualist Community